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MSTM Mission Statement:
Provide a safe and progressive learning environment to enhance student growth.

October 9, 2018 PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting Agenda

Date: 10/09/18 5:45 pm

Introductions & Ice Breaker:



Teacher Feature:

  • 4th Grade – we went to the 4th grade classrooms and were able to see what they have going on right now. This is a great way for parents to ask about the rooms and learn more about what each teacher does that might be different from other teachers.  This teacher shared with us how she has different seating arrangements for the kids and not the traditional chairs.  She also uses Christmas lights and will dim the lights for a unique learning/ reading experience that the kids really enjoy.


Principal Report:

  • Beth –
    • Rounding – instructional round – Beth met with all the teachers. Provided feedback to the teachers and Beth received some feedback from the teachers.   She feels it is a great way to communicate w/ the staff and is a win for the team.   Beth has created a stop light report which includes things to address and way to help improve communication.
    • Building goals with the teachers – literacy, math, science behavior. Also working on monthly goals
    • Completed FAST Screening which went well. Data conversations are being had w/ ADA people on how to help kids.
    • Mission Mondays continues w/ the Counselor and they seem to be having a lot of fun with this. Goal is to build relationships with all the kids.  Beth spoke about a Awesome Book and how IT happens in the Hallway.


Update on action Items from last month:

  • PTO shirts – any updates? Beth was going to work with Terah & Dianne on this and possibly involve Art teacher. NO UPDATES
  • Custodian Appreciation Day – how did this go? Kristine Whitley was handling. Beth mentioned how she had spoken to one of the guys and he really liked the banners.


Successes/What happened in the last month:

  • ‘All about Me’ doc to teachers. Will share results with parents when we have them. What teachers like – then upload and will send out.
  • Gave check for $8K towards concrete. It was started the week of 9/17/18. Digging has already begun – looking at someone to do some painting.
  • Sent home Box Tops template & Field Trip Funds requests with students. The school will get a dime per box top that is turned in and each classroom is running a contest.


Fall Dance:

  • Need volunteers to chaperone as well as run concessions. If interested see Cassie Ackerson. Letter will go home the week of to all 4th, 5th and 6th  $5/ kid with concessions available during dance.  Boosters is handling the Concessions. Kathy Higgins is set to DJ music.  Cassie mentioned how she would like to decorate the doorway into the gym.  If anyone is interested in helping, please contact Cassie at


Fall Conferences:

  • Meal trucks scheduled for Monday- Rana has flyers to hand out. Currently have 3 trucks, Machine shed, Roadside Taco and The Scoop.  All have agreed to donate 10% of sales to PTO.  Rana would like to add another truck.  If anyone has a connection, please contact Rana @
  • Pizza and desserts for Teachers on Thursday


Book Fair:

  • Need volunteers for set up/tear down & running cash register. Sign-up will be emailed. Cassie will be sending out an email for volunteers to sign up to help run – set up – and tear down the book fair. The Librarian would like some help setting up Friday, after school works best.  Theme this year is Enchanted Forest.



  • Looking for volunteers to plan this fun family event. Please let us know if interested at


Winter Staff Gathering:

  • Will need donations and people to assist with requesting. If interested see Jen Troll This is an event where the teachers will get together after school and may include appetizers, games and prizes.  This is a way to reward the staff for a great year and all their hard work by having a fun gathering outside of work.  There will be a letter going out to parents.  Anyone willing to contribute 0- need 45 items.  Sent out a letter to local businesses.


Treasurer Report:

  • Rana – $150 in checks. See following page….


Open Discussion:

  • Tara Henson – rec’d a donation of a smart board. She mentioned how she is still getting used to it and trying to learn how to use it.



PTO Treasure Report

October 9th, 2018

Previous Balance (Sept 11th)                                                                           $11,424.64


Items for Start up this year (daycare, etc)                                                            -88.01

Cement for playground                                                                                    -8,000.00

Kindergarten field trip                                                                                          -357.75

Second grade field trip                                                                                                 -155.00

RazKids yearly fee                                                                                                 -109.95

A-Z books yearly fee                                                                                                     -109.95

ATM bank monthly fee                                                                                                    -1.00

CREDITS                                                              ______________________________ 

Donations                                                                                                                       72.00

Current balance                                                                                                        $2,674.98