MSTM Vision Statement:
A caring community that nurtures individuals to become productive lifelong learners.

MSTM Mission Statement:
Provide a safe and progressive learning environment to enhance student growth.

September 10, 2018 Board Meeting



The Board of Directors of the Martensdale-St. Marys Community School District met in regular session, pursuant to law on September 10, 2018.


Members Present: President, Nicole Bunch; Vice President, Dean Furness; Ralph DiCesare, Dawn Reeves and Jennifer Parrott together with Superintendent, Tom Wood; Josh Moser; Principal, Beth Happe; Principal and Business Manager, Jill Gavin.


  1. Welcome – Board President

Mrs. Bunch called meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. and welcomed all guests.


  1. Consent Items
  2. Approval of Minutes – Board President
  3. Approval of Agenda – Board President
  4. Approval of Bills and Secretary’s Report – Board President
  5. Approval of Hot Lunch and Activity Reports – Board President

Mr. Furness motioned to approve the consent items, seconded by Mr. DiCesare.  Roll call:  5 ayes.


  • Celebrations

Mr. Wood updated the Board on the outcomes of his first series of Rounding.  He has talked to every teacher and will be submitting a Stop Light Report next week.  Common themes included: maintenance is doing a wonderful job, new teachers reported feeling welcome, students’ behavior has been excellent and they are impressed by the respect that students display, and the WiFi connectivity is inconsistent throughout the building.  Mr. Wood stated that we are contacting the original installers of the WiFi to see what we need to do to upgrade the access points.


Ms. Happe shared with the Board “Mission Mondays”.  Our new Elementary Guidance Counselor, Cally Thompson and Ms. Happe attended a seminar on culture and climate and each Monday they share a new theme for the week.  They send it out as a YouTube video.  They are having fun with that.


  1. Public Comments

Rana Webster and Dianne Reynolds – discussed Item O, and urged the Board not to approve the extension. They stated that as non-association members they would like to have a voice in the recertification process.


  1. Old Business


  1. Presentations
  • Facilities Report Christensen

Mr. Christensen updated the Board.  The new bus and suburban have been ordered.  The bus will be in by December and the suburban will be here in a month.  The VoAg classroom is up and running with new sinks.  New flooring has been installed in the ramp bathrooms.  Much easier to clean and hope to do the same in the locker rooms and the other bathrooms.  He has been collecting ideas from the PE teachers on how to update the JH lockers.  He will be installing a new camera system and internet at the baseball field.  He is waiting on quotes to rebuild the softball infield.


Mr. Wood thanked Mr. Christensen and Mr. Dudney for helping out one of our new special ed teachers by installing a new padded bench and mat in her room for a student to get out of his wheelchair and lay on it.  They went above and beyond to help with this project.


  • Principal’s Report Happe

Ms. Happe reported on the District’s goals and on CASA.  Our long-range goal includes 80% of students in grades K-6 will be at or above benchmark on the FAST Reading Assessment by the year 2020.  Our annual goal includes 80% of students in grades 2-6 are at or above the benchmark on FAST Assessments by the spring of 2018.  By the spring of 2019, the goal is to increase that percentage to 85%.


Ms. Happe also has elementary building goals for literacy, math, science and behavior.  They will be utilizing PRESS assessments/interventions, running records and progress monitoring.  They will utilize IXL and building basic math facts, meet feasible goals for Science and referrals will be recorded and reported out monthly on building-wide MTSS documentation.


FastBridge for reading will begin September 17th.  Math will be added late September.  Ms. Happe will start her Rounding the week of September 19th.



  • Principal’s Report Moser

Mr. Moser updated the Board on the new bell schedule.  As of the day of the board meeting, referrals were submitted for 125 students.  The attendance rate is 92%.  The students are taking advantage of the extra time available to them with the teachers.  It is not taking away class time.  Mr. Moser will see how many missing assignments there are after the end of the 1st quarter.


The secondary is working on short range improvement goals for STEM, socially and emotional groups, culture and climate.  They will examine data and request additional data along with finalizing goals at the next Professional Development Day.


Mr. Moser will be conducting the Iowa Youth Survey in October.  The survey will help provide talking points and cohort goal setting for grades 6th, 8th and 11th.


  • Superintendent’s Report Wood

Mr. Wood stated that it has been a great start of the school year.  PLC and TLC have a good direction.  He praised Mr. Hatcher for providing support and leadership to the TLC leaders and principals and the teachers are looking forward to their hard work falling into place.


  1. New Business


  1. Adjournment of the Retiring Board Gavin

Mr. Furness motioned to adjourn the existing board members, seconded by Mrs. Reeves.  Roll call:  5 ayes.


  1. Election/Approval of the President and Vice President Gavin

Mr. DiCesare motioned to elect Nicole Bunch as School Board President and Dean Furness as School Board Vice President, seconded by Mrs. Reeves.  Roll call:  5 ayes.


  1. Administer Oath of Office to newly Elected President and Vice President Gavin

Mrs. Gavin administered the oath of office to Nicole Bunch as School Board President and Dean Furness as School Board Vice President.


  1. Discuss and Set Standing Committees Wood

Employee Relations                                                            Nicole Bunch and Dean Furness

Facilities/Transportation                                                    Dean Furness and Ralph DiCesare

IASB Delegate / Legislative Network (1 seat)                Dean Furness and Jen Parrott

Warren County Conference Board (1 seat)                   Ralph DiCesare

Madison County Conference Board (1 seat)                 Nicole Bunch

Quality Support/Communications                                   Dawn Reeves and Jen Parrott

Wellness Committee                                                           Jen Parrott

Curriculum Committee                                                      Dawn Reeves and Nicole Bunch


  1. Appoint Member to IASB Delegate Assembly Wood

Mr. Furness was appointed as member of the IASB Delegate Assembly to be held November 14, 2018.


  1. Approve Legal Counsel – Ahlers and Cooney Wood

Mr. Furness motioned to approve Ahlers and Cooney as the district’s legal counsel, seconded by Mrs. Reeves.  Roll call: 5 ayes.


  1. Approve Annual Notifications for the Public Wood

Mrs. Reeves motioned to approve the 2018-2019 Annual Notifications, seconded by Mr. Dicesare.  Roll call:  5 ayes.


  1. Discuss/Approve Annual and Long Range Goals for CSIP/ESSA Wood

Ms. Parrott motioned to approve the Annual and Long Range Goals for the 2018-2019 Comprehensive School Improvement Plan and Every Student Succeeds Act, seconded by Mrs. Reeves.  Roll call:  5 ayes.


  1. Discuss/Approve Playground Concrete                                                                                  Wood

Mr. DiCesare motioned to approve the playground concrete quote by O’Mara Construction, seconded by Mr. Furness.  Roll call:  5 ayes.


  1. Discuss the Sale of Land Wood

Peak Performance asked if we had land for sale down at the football field to build a baseball field.  Discussion was made that if we do look forward to growth, we would want that land available to use.  There is also no water or power at that end of the property.  They board agreed that they were not interested.


  1. Discuss/Approve 2nd Reading 213, 213.1 Wood

Mr. Furness motioned to approve the second reading of policy 213 and 213.1, seconded by Mrs. Reeves.  Roll call:  5 ayes.


  1. 1st Reading Addition to Policy 504.6 Wood


  1. 1st Reading Policy 700 Wood


  1. Discuss/Approve Personnel Recommendations Wood

Mr. Furness motioned to approve the recommendations for Christian Bengston and Jordan Strong as Student Council Sponsors, Miller Hatcher as JH Assistant Volleyball Coach, and Sean Conklin as Night Custodian, seconded by Mrs. Reeves.  Roll call: 5 ayes.

  1. Discuss/Approve the Memorandum of Understanding to Extend Master Contract Wood

The Memorandum of Understanding between MStM and the MStMEA extends portions of the 2018-2019 Master Contract through 2020-2021.  The Association came to Mr. Wood requesting to extend the contract and that several districts were already doing this. The District conferred with Ahlers & Cooney on the matter. There are quite a few steps to go through if recertification took place. If approved, it would show a vote of confidence with the teachers.  If recertification took place and they did not receive a 51% approval, then the Master Contract would be gone and we would have to start over with nothing but negotiating on base wages only after two years. Mr. Furness motioned to approve the Memorandum of Understanding to Extend the Master Contract to 2020-2021, seconded by Mrs. Reeves.  Roll call:  5 ayes.


  1. Confirm – Next Meeting Dates                                                                 Wood

The Board agreed to move the October board meeting to Monday, October 15th due to scheduling conflicts.


VII.         Adjournment

Mr. Furness motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mrs. Reeves.  Roll call:  5 ayes.  Time: 5:45 p.m.





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