MSTM Vision Statement:
A caring community that nurtures individuals to become productive lifelong learners.

MSTM Mission Statement:
Provide a safe and progressive learning environment to enhance student growth.

September 11, 2018 PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting Agenda

Date: 9/11/18 5:45 pm

Introductions & Ice Breaker: 


Successes/What happened in the last month:

*PTO table at Open house – Welcome packet.  Treats for teachers on 1st.  Created Generic email.


Registration Numbers:

*300 prek – 6th.  A little down from last year but we did have a big class just graduate.


Fall Fundraiser:

*On hold for now


Fall Dance:

4,5, & 6th graders from 3:30- 5:30 pm on a Friday night in the Elementary gym, kids will dance and run around.  $5/ student and PTO tends to make $300 on this event.  Looking at October 26th and maybe a Halloween theme dance.

TO DO: Cassie to put on the calendar, Junior Prom does concession stand during the event.  (Get w/ Jill) Kathy to do DJ music for the evening.  Sending out Permission slips for parents to sign.



Fall Conferences & Book Fair:

*Rana working on Food truck venders.  10 said no, contacted 15 for night of conferences.  Mon 29th for the public.  2 trucks have confirmed.  Rana asked for other ideas of venders she could reach out to.  Question came up to provide a Certificate for Teachers since they have gotten a free meal in the past

*Monday 29th from 3:30-8pm and November 1st from 12:30- 7:30 pm Set up happens the weekend before in the library.  Get kids to help set up.  Send out volunteer sheet to help run Fair.  $50 voucher to spend at book fair for own library.  Each teacher selects two students from each class to have a $5 voucher to spend during fair.


Principal Report:

*Great professional development days/ teacher leadership component allocated by state/ grant.  10 staff enrolled.

*SWAG to help teach expectations

*NEW every Monday Counselor and Beth get together and come up w/ a mission for the week focusing on being positive, being kind, etc.

*School board approved cement behind building.


Help Needed:

*Fill out volunteer forms – Recognition for staff – who wants to head that up.  Custodian Day Oct 2nd

Kristina Whiteley Volunteered to take this on. Discussed $25 per custodian.   Also discussed $5 per staff for other recognition days.


Family Event:

*Carnival Won – Marti has friend that has games to donate.  Props/ ring toss/ bean bags/ etc. Who wants to volunteer to take this event – organize – Use PTO meeting to give updates.  Ask a classroom to possibly to donate items to the event.  Possibly winter event.  Idea brought up to have each classroom decorate or take part of theme for the event.


Teacher Feature:

Teachers share what’s going on in each classroom.  Share w/ parents during PTO meeting.  Rana/ Tara shared for Kindergarten.  They have 23 kids per class.  2 weeks building routines.  They will have a 9/11 activity.  Tara shared how they have a Facebook page where they post pictures and what’s going on.  They also have a weekly email w/ updates/ newsletter.


Future Meetings:

*2nd Tuesday of every month including Childcare.  Thanks Matt Krogman for helping during our first meeting!


Open Discussion:

*Treats next month: Rana

*Discussed adding photos to FB page to help share what parents $$ is going towards.

*PTO Purchase: teachers would like to have balls, jump rope, cart to store all items in to keep safe    and to prevent anyone walking off w/ such items.  Teachers to put together a proposal.  Student council or shop class build a cart for teachers.

*PTO Shirts – Diane suggested – kids to come up w/ t-shirt design.  Contest possibly for kids to design for each Prek – 2, etc.  Beth will talk to Tara/ Diane.  More to come…

*Field Trips – center grove apple orchard (Kindergarten) $7.95/ child.  Parents invited to attend.

2nd grade wants to go to Iowa Wild.  Learn Hockey

Preschool going to Howells.  $5/ child.