MSTM Vision Statement:
A caring community that nurtures individuals to become productive lifelong learners.

MSTM Mission Statement:
Provide a safe and progressive learning environment to enhance student growth.

September 11, 2018 PTO Minutes


PTO Meeting Agenda

Date: 9/11/18 5:45 pm


Introductions & Ice Breaker:



Successes/What happened in the last month:

*PTO table at Open house – Welcome packet.  Treats for teachers on 1st.  Created Generic email.


Registration Numbers:

*300 prek – 6th.  A little down from last year but we did have a big class just graduate.


Fall Fundraiser:

*On hold for now


Fall Dance:

4,5, & 6th graders from 3:30- 5:30 pm on a Friday night in the Elementary gym, kids will dance and run around.  $5/ student and PTO tends to make $300 on this event.  Looking at October 26th and maybe a Halloween theme dance.

TO DO: Cassie to put on the calendar, Junior Prom does concession stand during the event.  (Get w/ Jill) Kathy to do DJ music for the evening.  Sending out Permission slips for parents to sign.



Fall Conferences & Book Fair:

*Rana working on Food truck venders.  10 said no, contacted 15 for night of conferences.  This will be on Mon 29th for the public, not both nights of conferences.  2 trucks have confirmed.  Rana asked for other ideas of venders she could reach out to.  Question came up to provide a Certificate for Teachers since they have gotten a free meal in the past

*Book Fair: Monday 29th from 3:30-8pm and November 1st from 12:30- 7:30 pm Set up happens the weekend before in the library.  Get kids to help set up.  Send out volunteer sheet to help run Fair.  $50 voucher for each teacher to spend at book fair for own library.  Each teacher selects two students from each class to have a $5 voucher to spend during fair.


Principal Report:

*Great professional development days/ teacher leadership component allocated by state/ grant.  10 staff enrolled.

*SWAG to help teach expectations

*NEW every Monday Counselor and Beth get together and come up w/ a mission for the week focusing on being positive, being kind, etc.

*School board approved cement behind building.   The PTO is will be paying for $8,000 towards the total cost.


Help Needed:

*Fill out volunteer forms – Recognition for staff – who wants to head that up.  Custodian Day Oct 2nd

Kristina Whiteley Volunteered to take this on. In the past, PTO has spent only $5 per custodian and we will recognize them with the $25 during teacher Appreciation Week when we recognize the staff.  We will need someone to volunteer to help with the upcoming dance, book fair and planning event.  


Family Event:

*Carnival Won – Marti has friend that has games to donate.  Props/ ring toss/ bean bags/ etc. Who wants to volunteer to take this event – organize – Use PTO meeting to give updates.  Ask a classroom to possibly to donate items to the event.  Possibly winter event.  Idea brought up to have each classroom decorate or take part of theme for the event.


Teacher Feature:

Teachers share what’s going on in each classroom.  Share w/ parents during PTO meeting.  Rana/ Tara shared for Kindergarten.  They have 23 kids per class.  2 weeks building routines.  They will have a 9/11 activity.  Tara shared how they have a Facebook page where they post pictures and what’s going on.  They also have a weekly email w/ updates/ newsletter.


Future Meetings:

*2nd Tuesday of every month including Childcare.  Thanks to Lauren Roby & Matt Krogman for helping during our first meeting!  May be a good idea to send thank you notes to those who help during out monthly meetings – Marti – you still have thank you cards??

*Going forward; these monthly meetings will be held primarily for updates from individual committees that have met outside of PTO meetings.  If anyone is interested in helping and being involved, please complete the volunteer forms so we can get in touch w/ you and get you paired up with others.


Open Discussion:

*Treats next month: Rana

*Discussed adding photos to FB page to help share what parents $$ is going towards.

*PTO Purchase: teachers would like to have balls, jump rope, cart to store all items in to keep safe    and to prevent anyone walking off w/ such items.  Kathy Higgins to put together a proposal.  Student council or shop class build a cart for teachers.

*PTO Shirts – Diane suggested – kids to come up w/ t-shirt design.  Contest possibly for kids to design for each Prek – 2, etc.  Beth will talk to Tara/ Diane.  More to come…

*Field Trips – center grove apple orchard (Kindergarten) $7.95/ child.  Parents invited to attend.

2nd grade wants to go to Iowa Wild.  Learn Hockey

Preschool going to Howells.  $5/ child.

PTO voted and approved $12 per student for funding field trips. Teachers will not be  required to attend PTO meeting to request a class field trip and gain approval from the group.