School Transportation

Transportation is provided by the Martensdale-St. Marys Community School District for students that live more than two miles from school. Students should be at their bus stop five minutes before their scheduled stop time, and buses will not wait for tardy students. For current information on your child’s bus schedule, driver, and/or number, call the Transportation Office. As most bus routes are at capacity, bus passes are only approved when space is available, and parental cooperation in making sure your student rides the correct bus is essential. We appreciate your assistance!

School permits are available by appointment with the superintendent or secondary principal.

Drivers Education Classes are conducted by Street Smarts.

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Staff & Routes
Bus Safety & Rules
Discipline Policy

Staff & Routes


Ross Turner, Transportation Supervisor

Jessica Hart, Elementary Secretary 

Transportation Office: (641) 764-2608

Bus Drivers

Brian Sweet                (515) 238-1109          Route A

Gary Hart                    (515) 205-1323           Route B

Carol Banks                 (515) 314-0593           Route C

Ray Gavin                     (515) 669-2251           Route D

Bill Bubany            (515) 631-0681          Route E

Julie Synder         (515) 508-9114          Route F





Bus Safety & Rules


Parent Responsibilities

  • Help your student arrive at the bus stop safely and on time
  • Ensure your student boards the bus safely in inclement weather
  • Make any improvement suggestions to Ross Turner, Transportation Supervisor


Driver & School Responsibilities

  • Maintaining a safe bus to transport students
  • Running the bus schedule on time
  • Monitor the occupancy and capacity of buses for safety
  • Ensure students are transported safely both to and from school


Student Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time 
  • Follow all rules
  • Report any rule-breaking incidents to the driver immediately


School Bus Rules

  • Respect and follow bus driver instructions
  • Do not approach bus door until driver signals to load
  • No pushing or shoving when loading
  • Keep property out of the aisle
  • Talk quietly with others around you
  • No vulgar language is allowed
  • Remain seated and facing forward for the duration of the ride
  • No opening of windows without driver permission
  • Keep body parts inside the bus at all times
  • Be silent when stopped at a railroad crossing
  • Keep hands to yourself
  • Keep the bus clean; no glass containers or pump sprays such as perfume, cologne, hairspray, deodorant, and fingernail polish.
  • Damages to the seat will be charged to the student
  • Do not throw objects
  • No cleats or spikes of any kind shall be worn.


Read the MStM Hard Surface Only Policy


Hard Surface Only Policy



Discipline Policy


Any students disobeying regulations governing their riding of a school bus may be subject to forfeiture of their right to ride the bus.

  • Bus driver will notify students when they are not following rules and parents will be notified
  • If necessary, a driver will assign seats to students
  • Repeat violators of bus rules will be reported to the principal and a written Bus Conduct Form will be submitted
  • A principal will determine if riding privileges will be revoked in any instance.
  • The following incidents will result in immediate revocation of bus privileges:
    • Assaults
    • Verbal Attacks
    • Intentional Damage
  • To earn back bus privileges, a conference with the student, parents, bus driver, and the principal will take place.
  • Any appeals to loss of riding privileges can be made to the Superintendent or the School Board