MSTM Vision Statement:
A caring community that nurtures individuals to become productive lifelong learners.

MSTM Mission Statement:
Provide a safe and progressive learning environment to enhance student growth.


MStM has an Elementary Library and a Junior High/Senior High Library, open during school hours. These are staffed by a full-time teacher/librarian and a full-time Library Technical Assistant. Both are eager to help students and staff find books and to help with research. The libraries provide fiction and non-fiction books for circulation. The libraries also make available on-line reference and research resources.

Library Catalog

If you are looking for a particular book or genre, you can get staff assistance or can search the library catalog. Not only does the catalog list the library books and whether they are checked out, it allows you to send yourself a link to the book catalog listing, and gives book citation formatting. The catalog also provides links to online resources. The catalog is found at

EBSCOhost Databases

MStM students and staff have access to a variety of databases. When used at school, many databases do not require a password. These databases may contain information not available elsewhere on the internet, or arranged in a different way. For instance, there is a search function oriented toward grades K-5. Content is age appropriate and free from objectionable material.

EBSCOhost contains multiple databases. Some areas are: Computer Sciences/Engineering,
Earth/Environmental, Education, General/News, History, Life Sciences, Literature, and
Psychology/Sociology. Some of these include full access to journals unavailable to the public.
For fiction and nonfiction readers, valuable EBSCOhost resources are NoveLIST Plus and NoveLIST K-8 Plus. Here you will find reader book reviews, ratings, lists of other books by authors, and suggestions for similar books. If you’ve read the latest best-selling romance and want to find related reading, this is a great place to look.

Other EBSCOhost resources include a mobile platform, ebooks, Points of View Reference Center (grades 6-12), a Poetry and Short Story Reference Center, and search engines for grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. There is access to historical newspapers. For educators there is a Professional Development Collection and ERIC. For databases that require a password, speak to library staff.

Area Education Association Resources

MStM is part of the Heartland Area Education Association 11, which provides the EBSCOhost and other databases. You may access Heartland databases at the association website. Databases are divided into grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. What is available? Some highlights include:

Access to online magazines, newspapers and books; streaming and downloadable videos; clip art for reports; historic American history videos and transcripts; short instructional videos on how to use technology and software; literary plot summaries and criticism; read-aloud ebooks; age-adjusted Encyclopedia Britannica; NBC special broadcasts and programs; CultureGrams about how people around the world live; lists of reviewed websites for students; hundreds of PBS documentary films and series; royalty-free music for use in reports; and assistance for beginning researchers. Newer video resources are Scholastic’s Freedom Flix and Science Flix.


All AEA databases, including EBSCOhost, can be accessed at home or school. Passwords may be required, especially when researching outside of school. There are separate passwords for elementary or junior/senior high students available from library staff.