Board Policies

Series 100: School District – Policies relating to the overall objectives of the district including equity, nondiscrimination, school improvement, anti-bullying and harassment, and public purposes of expenditures.

Series 200: Board of Directors – Policies relating to the operation of the MStM Board of Directors (school board) including organization of the board, board elections, district information, meetings, board records, board policy procedures, public grievances, board member compensation, gifts to board members, and retirement of board members.

Series 300: Administration – Policies relating to administrator duties, contracts, salary and benefits, code of ethics, appointment and qualifications, professional development, evaluations, reduction procedures, and advanced resignation incentive.

Series 400: Employees – Policies relating to district expectations for employees, including certified employees, classified employees, and substitutes.

Series 500: Students – Policies relating to district expectations for students including student conduct, fees, extra-curricular activities, academic requirements, health & wellness, social media and technology.

Series 600: Education Program – Policies relating to district goals and objectives for the educational program including school calendar, school day, curriculum processes, summer school, special education, academic freedom, citizenship, private instruction, at-risk students, dual enrollment, foreign students, instructional materials, technology and Internet usage, insufficient classroom space, and student health services.

Series 700: Non-Instructional Operations and Business Services – Policies relating to district support services including the business office, accounting, financial services, budgeting, contracts, purchasing, care and maintenance of equipment, use of video cameras, transportation, and nutrition.

Series 800: Building and Sites – Policies relating to facilities, construction, energy conservation, warning systems, building security, parking and traffic, and restrictions regarding persons listed on the sex offender registry.

Series 900: School District-Community Relations – Policies relating to communication between the district and the community, public examination of district records, volunteers, visitors, community use of district facilities, facilities rental, tobacco-nicotine free environment, and sales promotions prohibited