MStM Academic, Career, and Personal Counseling

Academic counseling involves encouraging all students to enhance their academic achievements, enabling them to have all opportunities available upon graduation. This includes informing students of graduation requirements, aiding them with study skills, helping them with class registration, working with them on their post-secondary education admissions testing, and providing financial aid information.

Career counseling provides students with information and resources to help them ascertain their interests and abilities, and relate them to careers. Eighth-grade students complete a four-year plan and participate in a battery of career assessments. This information helps them identify career clusters that match their interests/abilities to aid them in choosing high school classes. As freshman and sophomores, the students are given the opportunity to adjust or make changes to the four-year plan they completed as eighth-graders. Juniors, again, look at their aptitudes/interests by taking more assessments. The counselor follows up by providing information on careers and post-secondary education. During their senior year, the planning becomes more specific, focused more on admissions processes, scholarships, and financial aid.

Personal/social counseling is available to all students either by self-referrals, by staff, or parents. Individual or group sessions are available to help develop self-understanding, self-awareness, decision making, solving problems, and dealing with personal and family crises. All sessions are confidential.

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