Why Safe and Sound Iowa at MSTM?

We are partnering with the Governor’s School Safety Bureau in providing a threat reporting tool, SafeandSoundIowa.gov, for students, teachers, parents, and the community.

While we stress to our students that the adults in our building and our community should be the first line of defense against an act of violence, self-harm, and other threatening behaviors, sometimes they need a different outlet. Safe+Sound Iowa provides that to our students, parents, and the community.

In past school attacks in the United States, 92% of those who noticed concerning behaviors before the events were schoolmates (US Federal Bureau of Investigation). Students may not report warning signs due to feelings of anxiety or intimidation, fear of retaliation or not knowing who to talk to. Safe+Sound Iowa removes these barriers with easy, convenient, and confidential ways to report safety concerns.

Reports can be made securely and anonymously:

·         Online at SafeandSoundIowa.gov

·         Through the Safe+Sound Iowa mobile app, or

·         By phone at 800-224-6018.

Trained dispatchers monitor reports 24/7 and immediately engage in two-way communication with those raising concerns. They then reach out to the appropriate local school safety contact, law enforcement or other community partners.

You can learn more about Safe+Sound Iowa here:  Safe+Sound Iowa