Public Participation In Board Meetings

Pursuant to Board Policy 213, citizens wishing to address the Board may do so during the public comment portion of Board meetings. Citizens wishing to address the Board during public comment must notify the Board Secretary prior to the start of the meeting.

As a reminder, while this is an open forum for any issues of praise or concern, the Board does expect all speakers to maintain a civil tone and refrain from using profanity, raising their voices, or making statements that are threatening or harassing towards others. Any speaker who creates a disruption may be asked to leave the meeting. Any comments made during public comment are done so at the risk of the person making the comment, and the District will not be responsible for any defamatory or potentially defamatory statements which may be made. It is the Board's practice not to engage or respond to speakers during the public comment session. If the Board wishes to further discuss or address an item or concern raised in public comment it will do so by establishing an agenda item at a future Board meeting or delegating responsibility to the administration to address an issue.

Public comments will be limited to three (3) minutes.