Visitor Information

The Martensdale-St. Marys Community School District welcomes visitors to our schools during the school day. Please note these expectations.

All visitors are required to check in with proper identification at the central office upon arrival.

Parents are always welcome to visit classes. Classroom visits provide a means to gain information about the educational program and to observe their children's performance in a classroom setting. These visits must be scheduled with the Building Principal no less than two-days prior to the visit. 

We will limit classroom visitors to one individual per day.  All day visits are not permitted.

We will not permit visits in the first two-full weeks of school for pre-school or kindergarten classrooms to ensure a smooth adjustment from home to school for students.

In line with our visitor’s policy, we offer these clarifications regarding eating breakfast / lunch with your student:

  • Please notify the Building Principal no less than two days in advance of your desire to visit the school.

  • Guests wishing to eat the school meal may do so and the cost of the meal will be deducted from the student’s account or must deposit money in the student’s account in the Central Office.

  • While we discourage bringing outside food into school during breakfast / lunch, we recognize there are times where guests wish to do this. In these cases, we do request that food only be brought for the guest and student.

  • The Central Office does not accept food deliveries (Door Dash, etc.) during the school day.